What are your normal operating hours?

Open -5am -10pm   Monday thru Thursday
Open 5am -9pm    Friday
Open 8am -7pm    Saturday and Sunday
24/7 Access for Members with Premier Keytag

What are your holiday hours?

Christmas Day -Closed
Thanksgiving Day -Closed
Easter -Closed
Labor Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, New Year’s Day-  Contact club prior to these holidays for information about reduced operating hours.   Signs will be posted in advance.
Premier members always have 24/7 access during holidays.

Do you offer personal training?

Yes.  We have both male and female certified personal trainers on staff who can work with you to reach your fitness goals at times that are convenient for you.  Each new member gets a free fitness assessment with a trainer. See a front desk associate to schedule your meeting with a trainer today!  

Do you have small group fitness classes?

Yes.  We offer small group classes taught by our highly qualified certified personal trainers.  Small group classes are a great way to train while having fun in a motivating group setting. 

What types of membership accounts do you offer?

 We have Economy and Premier Accounts for both individuals and families.  See membership tab on website for more details.

How do I update my membership account information?
If your address, phone number, email address or payment information has changed you may either update that information in person at the Club or over the phone by calling ABC Financial at 888-827-9262

What type of gym equipment does the Club have?
Fitness for $10 has cardio equipment, circuit training equipment for strength training, free weights and functional training equipment.  Please see photo gallery for details.

Does the Club have equipment for power lifters?
Yes, we have squat racks, a dead-lift platform, Olympic lifting bars, bumper plates and dumbbells that go up to 145 lbs in our advanced training room.

What are guest privileges?

 Individual Premier Members may bring one guest per day with them to the Club.  The guest must have valid local photo id and sign a waiver of liability to access the club during the hours of 9am until one hour before closing.  Parent must sign waiver of liability for minor guests. Guests must be in good standing with the Club (no outstanding debts) and the guest must always accompany the Premier member to the club.

Are guests allowed in the Club at night on the 24 hour side of the club?

 No. Only Premier Members have 24/7 club access. Guest hours end 1 hour before the club closes at night.  Any Premier member who allows an unauthorized person to enter the club at night may be charged fees or risk losing their membership privileges.

How do I temporarily freeze my membership?

 Memberships in good standing may be frozen for a period between one and six months once per year and no more than three times during the lifetime of membership.  During the freeze period your monthly dues will be reduced to 50%. Special exceptions may be made for medical or military freezes.  Talk to an associate for more details.  Annual fees cannot be frozen and will be billed when they become due even if during the frozen period. 

Who is ABC Financial?

 ABC is a payment processing company utilized by thousands of gyms, fitness and health clubs across the country and is primarily responsible for drafting monthly dues on behalf of the club.  ABC can answer most billing questions about invoices or service fees, they can accept payments, or they can update payment information. 

How do I make a payment on my membership account?

 Payments can be made in person at the Club, over the phone by calling ABC Financial at 888-827-9262 or online by going to www.myiclubonline.com. To pay online you will need your account number. If your account was sent to a collection agency, see below.

Why was my account charged more this month? 

Most likely it is time for your annual fee.  The annual club improvement fee is drafted yearly based on your original enrollment date. However if you are still unsure, please call or stop by the club to ask an associate or call ABC Financial at 888-827-9262.

Who do I contact about an old unpaid account that was sent to a collection agency? 

If your membership account was severely delinquent (over 90 days past due) and you received a collections notice or phone call, please call PBC at 800-270-9685.

What is the cancellation policy for monthly memberships?

Monthly memberships in good standing may be cancelled at any time with 60 days written notice.  Any past due balance must be paid prior to cancelling. Prepaid dues or dues processed prior to your effective date of cancellation are non-refundable. Members are responsible for any back dues, late fees, billing decline fees and bank charges prior to cancellation.

How do I begin the 60 day cancellation process? 

Written notice must be sent by either signing a cancellation form in person in the club, mailing a certified letter to Fitness for $10, 1903 West Lumsden Rd, Brandon, FL 33511, or by emailing cancellations@fit4-10.com.  Please include the member’s full name, reason for cancelling and gym keytag number in your notice to find your name in our customer database. Once 60-day written notice is received you will be billed for two months of membership dues. 

Do you have lockers? 

Yes we have lockers in the mens room, ladies room, main gym and 24 hour section of the club.  Lockers can be used daily for free or rented by the month.  You may either bring a lock from home to secure the locker or purchase a lock in our pro-shop.

Are their showers on both the main side and 24 hour side of the club?  

Yes, there are showers in the ladies room, men’s room and a shower on the 24 hour side of the club.

How do Premier members enter at night on the 24 hour side of the Club?

 Premier Keytags have 24/7 access to the Club.  After the club closes Premier members can gain entry to the Club through our 24 hour door at the South end of the building by swiping their gym keytag on the electronic sensor near the entrance door.  Premier keytags usually take one business day to synch with the 24 access door computer.  Please allow one business day after enrollment to try the 24 hour access door with your new keytag. 

Why does my electronic keytag fail to work on the 24 hour door? 

The 24 hour door only functions when the main portion of the gym has closed.  When the main gym is open, the 24 hour access door is disabled.  Economy memberships do not include 24 hour door access, therefore please make sure your keytag is labeled, “Premier.” If you have a Premier keytag but the door still won’t unlock then the most likely cause is due to a billing problem on your account.  Please call or stop by the front desk during normal operating hours to inquire about your account.  In the unlikely event of an extended power outage the 24 hour door could lose power. Fitness for $10 will make every effort to restore power as soon as possible for its customers.

Are Children Allowed in the Club?

 Supervised childcare is not offered.  Parents who are Premier members may bring a minor as their daily guest between the ages of 10-17. The parent must sign a waiver of liability for their child.  Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the advanced training area (24 hour side) and children 12-14 must be accompanied by a parent in the advanced training area at all times.

How do I access the Tanning Area? 

Premier members may tan once every 24 hours (per health codes).  Members must have eye protection to use tanning booths.  The use of tanning lotions is highly recommended and both eye protection and lotions are available for purchase at the Club.  Before tanning your first time, each member must complete a tanning questionnaire for his/her safety. See a front desk associate to check-in for tanning.

What do you sell inside your Pro-Shop?

 Weight lifting gloves, wraps and accessories, t-shirts and other apparel, tanning lotions, toiletries, nutritional supplements, energy drinks, pre-made meals.

Do you sell work-out supplements in your Pro-Shop?  

Yes, we have pre-workout, post-workout, protein, energy bars, energy drinks and many other supplements.  Please be advised that you must be 18 years or older to purchase some supplements.